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European Championships

European Cup for Clubs - 2021

Despite the ongoing uncertainty about Covid-19, travel restrictions etc, we have to accept that Covid-19 will be with us for some time to come. On Saturday, 14 August, the CEP Directors met to discuss our options for the European Cup for Clubs 2021. We believe it will be possible to organise the CEP’s flagship tournament, even if some restrictions are still necessary.
Therefore, we confirm our European Cup for Clubs will take place in the Boulodrome Gilbert Louis, Saint Yrieix from the 2 to 5 December (week 48) 2021.

The tournament is limited to 32 teams - The delegation from each federation will also be limited to "only the team and a coach" - to be clear, a maximum of 8 players and 1 coach. We will not accept family or friends with a delegation.
Of course the normal rules apply - a team of 6 players must include one player of the opposite gender and a team of 7 or 8 players, two players of the opposite gender. Further details will be published as they become available

11 July 2021
European Triples Championships
Due to the ongoing uncertainty and concern about the “Delta and Beta variants” of COVID-19, as well as the logistical challenges with differing quarantine and health regulations across European nations, the Board of Directors on Saturday took the difficult decision to cancel all our European Triples championships which were to be held in 2021.

23 June
Covid Protocols

In preperation for a return to European Championships, the CEP has just published its new saftey protocols.
It is vitally important that all participants - which includes players, championship staff, coaches, accompanying persons and anyone else present at any championship - read the protocols and supporting documents closely, before attending a European Championship.

"21 June 2021
FIPJP issue a revised list of approved boules and jacks" - click here

04 June 2021
European Championship 2021

CEP Director's have scheduled a full board meeting for the 10 July to discuss all options and then to decide if our championships - Veterans, Men’s, Espoirs and Juniors can go ahead as planned.

04 June 2021
World Championships - Juniors & Women 2021 Postponed
Thailand have informed the FIPJP that due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 18th Junior and Women World Petanque Championship will have to be postponed.
At this time it is not known when these events will be rescheduled.

12 May 2021
World Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles Championships

The Dansk Petanque Forbund are to host the 2022 World Singles, Doubles (male and female) and Mixed Doubles Championships.
This event, originally destined to be held in New Caledonia, will take place in Karlslunde from the 12 to 15 May

"05 May 2021
FIPJP issue a revised list of approved boules and jacks" - click here

12 April 2021
Espoirs and Juniors Triples (Male and Female)

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the CEP has postponed these championships to take place in Santa Susanna, Spain from the 7 - 10 October 2021

12 April 2021
CEP Webinar for Umpiring will take place on May 22 presenting an opportunity for umpires to discuss the new rules
invites issued to all European Federations.

12 April 2021
Veterans and Mens Triples

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the CEP is delaying the issue of registration documents for these championships until early July.

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